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Gutteridge Unholy Alliance coverBy Don Gutteridge

This locked mansion mystery is set in 1839 at a country estate north of Toronto. Marc and Robert Baldwin have been working tirelessly to effect responsible government in Upper Canada (Ontario). In a few months, Upper and Lower Canada (Quebec) will be joined in a single legislature, and savvy political leaders see this as an opportunity to forge a solid alliance with like-minded Quebec representatives to facilitate democratic reforms. The secret meeting with visitors from the Quebec Rouge Party includes the great Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine.

Enemies of responsible government are the ruling class known as the Family Compact who foresee their power and commercial advantage diminished. Spies are everywhere. When a butler is murdered, everyone at the meeting is a suspect. Marc and Cobb have three days to solve it and save Canada for democracy.


Reviews for the Marc Edwards Mystery Series

“As always, Gutteridge brings a piece of Canada’s fascinating past to bold life.”

-Jenni Morton, The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

“Gutteridge knows his history and how to build and pace a mystery novel. A terrific historical series”

-Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail  

“Gutteridge continues to illuminate history and humans in smart, gripping fashion.”

-Joan Barfoot, The London Free Press

“Don Gutteridge does Canadian mystery fans a great favour with his Marc Edwards mysteries.”

-Sarah Weinman, The National Post


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