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undercoveragentfinalby Peter Rehak and Leonard Mitchell


It was North America”s biggest drug bust, worth $238 million. The man behind it was a small-town businessman who fooled the Miami drug barons who were setting up a pipeline into Canada. Leonard Mitchell worked undercover for the RCMP for 19 months because “it was the right thing to do.” He was successful but it earned him a lifetime run from the mob. And he also had to take on the Mounties.

Praise for Undercover Agent

“Mitchell comes across as the type of unpretentious, honest person you’d want keeping an eye on your house when you’re off on holidays.” — The Toronto Star

Undercover Agent is the chronicle of a brave family and, in this time of public unease over illegal drugs, makes sober reading for every Canadian who has ever wondered how pervasive and insidious the smuggling actually is. — The Globe and Mail.

“A quick, entertaining read.” — The Telegraph Journal

Undercover Agent is a rollicking good read . . . a first rate thriller by an insider and a master craftsman.” — The Star-Phoenix

“A highly informative and interesting book, well organized and well written.” — Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“Mitchell’s story is riveting and in many ways exciting.” — The Chronicle Herald

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