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The Thai Amulet FINALby Lyn Hamilton

When Will Beauchamp locked the door of his antique shop in Bangkok for the last time and quietly disappeared, he left behind a family in Toronto and a lot of questions. When fellow antiques dealer Lara McClintoch tries to find him in Thailand, she faces suspicion and deceit. Did Will run away? Was he involved in corruption? Why was he fascinated by an old murder case? Now people he knew are under attack. Lara regrets she started this search, but she won’t stop looking.


Praise fo The Thai Amulet:

“Take a fascinating place, a mysterious item and some attractive people….and it works for Hamilton…..[She] provides lots of atmosphere, plenty of action and enough insider info about the antiques trade that we learn a lot, have fun and never get put off by the gore.” —Globe and Mail

“Hamilton is a skilled writer who knows how to maintain suspense.  Her familiarity and obvious love of Thailand provides an interesting setting for her story.” —I Love a Mystery

“In Canadian Hamilton’s alluring seventh archaeological novel, her globe-trotting antiques dealer and sleuth, Lara McClintoch, goes on a buying trip to Thailand, where she also tries to trace down a fellow dealer who’s gone missing….the author does a fine job of blending history with the sounds, smells and tastes of the Orient.” —Publishers Weekly

“A fascinating addition to the series”  — Library Journal

“Lara finds a decades old mystery, and helps solve that crime and a more modern one….One of the features I like about this series is the feeling I am traveling right along with Lara.”  —Deadly Pleasures Magazine

“An entertaining tropical tragedy.” —Kirkus

The Thai Amulet is a fascinating tale about freed, treachery, betrayal and murder, and readers won’t rest until they find out what happened and why.”  —All the Best Reviews

“With snippets of ancient Thai history interspersed throughout, this well-researched book chronicles a tale of greed and deceit that spans nearly half a century.  As the body count rises, the clues come together likes pieces of a puzzle, forming a craftily written mystery.”  —Romantic Times

“In this seventh and best yet of her mystery series featuring Toronto antiques dealer lara McClintoch author Lyn Hamilton takes readers for a spin through a moment in Thai history and a corresponding period of wealth, intrigue, corruption and betrayal in the present.  As ever in her far-flung work, which has already taken readers to such locales as Mexico, Malta and Ireland, Hamilton’s ability to bring solidly researched places and their histories, smells, sounds, opulence, poverty, structures and ambiences to life is her most vivid gift to readers.” —London Free Press

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