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Betcherman Riviera Set coverby Lita-Rose Betcherman


Picasso to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winston Churchill to sex kitten Brigitte Bardot. The glorious strip of Mediterranean beach stretching from Marseilles to Monaco still attracts writers, artists, film stars, and scoundrels. Betcherman’s rich account will delight tourists and armchair travelers alike.

Praise for Court Lady and Country Wife

“…an intimate view of Stuart England”

The New York Times

“This is popular history at it’s best.”

Jane Dunn

“The action really heats up during the English civil war, when both sisters made political and personal decisions that profoundly affected the course of their individual and collective futures.”


“Having reached adulthood on the eve of Charles I’s succession, the sisters lived through one of the most turbulent periods of British history…a fascinating introduction to two closely united lives—housewife and public figure—all the more interesting because of the contrast between them.” 
Times Literary Supplement

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The Riviera Set is available for purchase from the following vendors:



Apple (Canada) (US) (UK)

Barnes & Noble


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