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Gutterige ME boxset coverAn omnibus edition of six Marc Edwards Mystery Series titles

The 1830s in Canada are the years of unrest known as The Rebellions. Upper Canada and Lower Canada (modern-day Ontario and Quebec) are at odds, and the country is divided. Marc Edwards, Lieutenant-turned-Barrister, and his former police colleague, Constable Horatio Cobb, band together to solve crimes in Toronto.

Don Gutteridge’s Marc Edwards Mystery Series is set against the backdrop of rising political tensions between Upper and Lower Canada as the fledgling country tries to secure independence from British control, establish Canadian parliament, and install a responsible government.

The Bishop’s Pawn
A fiery sermon from Bishop John Strachan incites a grisly murder. Marc investigates and is shocked by the depravity he uncovers.

Desperate Acts
In Toronto’s rough days of 1839, a blackmailer targets several elite citizens who harbor dark secrets. When the extortionist is found dead, Marc defends an acquaintance that is wrongfully accused.

Unholy Alliance
A locked mansion murder mystery set near Toronto in 1839. Marc and Cobb have three days to solve the murder, or the fate of the responsible government negotiations are in jeopardy.

Minor Corruption
In Toronto 1839, an abortion goes tragically wrong, killing a 15-year-old maid in the household of the distinguished Baldwin family. Enveloped in the scandal is a beloved Baldwin uncle who is accused of raping a minor and causing her death.

Governing Passion
A bordello singer is brutally murdered and left in an alley in 1841 Toronto. The only evidence Cobb has to work with is a glove and a set of footprints. Marc contends with a parallel case in Kingston, and the two must work together to uncover a serial killer.

The Widow’s Demise
The political elite attends a charity ball where the host’s widowed daughter flirts with all the men, enraging their wives. She is then found dead with one of her suitors standing over the body. Marc controversially decides to defend the accused, while Cobb races to find the truth of the young woman’s untimely death.




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