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Aspler final cover 2By Tony Aspler


Tony Aspler says he is a wine evangelist, not a critic. Here he celebrates the pleasures of the grape and shares nuggets of wisdom. He offers tips for bluffing the best wine snobs, describes flying wine-serving Angels in Las Vegas, and can even use wine to fish. He recounts wine peccadillos of the powerful and shares fascinating details on the history and production of wine. Enjoy, glass in hand!


Praise for The Five Minute Wine Book:

“A marvellous aggregation of wonderful writing. Taken in small sips, guaranteed to engender enduring wine pleasure,”

-Gordon Stimmell, Toronto Star wine columnist

“More than 90 humorous and informative five-minute wine vignettes from one of the world’s Grand Masters. This book will delight anyone who has sipped a Chardonnay or savoured a Cabernet. I loved it!”

– Gordon Pape, author

“Tony Aspler, The Wine Guy, has a new book called The Five Minute Wine Book. It’s a new compilation of earlier posts, notes, articles, thoughts, remembrances and columns for different publications. Doubtful you’ve seen this material before and if you did, you forgot it. No excuses now. For a truly modest price you get a wealth of top-notch information from a master taster.

Topics include champagne (Mr. Aspler’s favourite—goes with anything—even bad company) including the story of his wedding champagne, and the prevention of a near-disaster!) He brings clarity to claret, and has a few reservations about “reserva” (and its variations).

He discusses pregnancy and wine, Romanian, Canadian, Italian and many other countries’ wines. He comments on Bluffers Guides, and on the differences between and among cognac, brandy, and armagnac (with recommendations). He discusses wine and room temperature, whether you should drink red wine with fish and a myriad other subjects, all in 5 minute or less quick reads”

-Frank Daley, The Daley Post

“I have tasted thousands of wines alongside  Tony Aspler, and heard as many of his one-liners – often more than once. (Would someone please give him a red Ferrari so he doesn’t have to keep asking for one). It is always a great pleasure to be in his company as you will readily discover as you sip this fabulous collection of five minute vignettes. It is the ideal vehicle for Tony; quite possibly his best and most playful work to date.”

-David Lawrason,, columnist for Toronto Life, Ottawa Magazine, County Grapevine, and Niagara Grapevine magazines

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