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Commissar's Report coverBy Martyn Burke


The Commissar’s Report, originally published by Houghton Mifflin, was lauded as “a wonder of intense, cinematic storytelling…honest, inventive, and memorable.” (Wall Street Journal). In this comic novel of the Cold War, Dimitri, a young hero of the Russian Revolution and Kremlin spy is secretly smitten by the sirens of capitalism. His posting to the Soviet consulate in New York is a dream come true. The dream quickly becomes a nightmare. Dimitri’s Soviet boss despises him, his wife is obsessed with the unsocialist pursuit of a Bergdorf’s charge account, and his boyhood friend is now a CIA agent who stalks him. On Wall Street, he is plagued by his wild talent for making money in the stock market. His bosses in Red Square would find this difficult to overlook if they knew. And, as Dimitri fears, the old men of the Kremlin have a deadly habit of knowing everything sooner… or later.


Praise for The Commissar’s Report:

“Fast and wildly complex – the twists at the end are clever… the writing has a lilt that keeps everything frothy.” – People Magazine

“Filled with scenes of riotously funny panic, the book is an inspired comic performance with a sharp satirical edge about how the Soviets have taken advantage of our national psychological vulnerabilities since the end of World War II.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Martyn Burke’s new novel is consistently funny, surprising and inventive…but beneath the humor are some astute observations about our attitude toward the Soviets over the last couple of decades.” – Los Angeles Times

“The Commissar’s Report is a wonder of intense, cinematic storytelling. It is also a novel that works well on many different levels, as comedy, romance, period piece, thriller, switching fluidly from one to another. He has written a novel that is honest, inventive and memorable.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Martyn Burke has written a terrific story that will not only make you giggle until your sides ache but leave you with a lot to ponder afterward.” – Newsday, New York

“The Commissar’s Report [is] one of those delightful books that come along every so often and fails to fit any sort of pattern… a subtle comedy that captivates from the first page.” – Liverpool Daily Post

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The Commissar’s Report is available for purchase from the following vendors:


Amazon (USA)

Amazon (Canada)

Apple (Canada) (US) (UK)

Barnes & Noble


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