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Hamilton-African Quest finalBy Lyn Hamilton

It looked like an ordinary group of tourists – a mix of easy-going and critical, quiet and talkative, enthusiastic and bored. But antiques dealer Lara McClintoch is leading this tour through the souks, mosques and ruins of Tunisia so you know it is going to get complicated.  One member of the group is found dead in the pool and another dies in a hotel fire. Who are these people?  The police think accident; Lara thinks murder. Then there’s trouble in the harbor as two ships compete for marine treasure. Lara’s quest for justice climaxes in a harrowing race across the desert.

“Exotically absorbing and Culturally colorful.” —Midwest Book Review

“Fascinating and vividly presented subject matter and [an] artfully crafted plot.” —Booklist

“Lyn Hamiton is a very creative and colorful writer who always manages to bring the past to life in her archaeological mysteries.” —BookBrowser

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