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Stickler and MeBy Morley Torgov

It is the summer of 1961 and 13-year-old Benjamin Marshall is not happy with his options: a vacation “apprenticing” law under his cranky grandfather Ira or one spent shuffling between his parents, newly divorced and both too self-absorbed to notice him underfoot. When Ben opts for two months in Port Sanford, the less-than-thrilling town where Ira has practised law for 40 years, he soon finds himself embroiled in a moral dilemma. Ira’s wealthiest client, Mrs. O’Hearn, has died before he can commit her last wishes to print and now he is left with the task of distributing her fortune to an ungrateful niece and nephew. What’s worse, Ira can’t bear to carry out the final request in his client’s will. Soon, Ira and Ben hit the road with the sheriff and angry members of the O’Hearn family in hot pursuit. Stickler and Me is a touching and funny coming-of-age story about knowing when to break all the rules.

Praise for Stickler and Me:

“The dialogue is witty and the action is fast-paced. Ben is the story’s narrator and Torgov succeeds in making it sound like it is told from a thirteen year old’s perspective… Students at the intermediate and junior secondary level who enjoy reading realistic fiction with a dose of humour will find Stickler and Me well worth the effort.” – Resource Link

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Stickler and Me is available for purchase from the following vendors:


Amazon (Coming Soon)

Apple (Coming Soon)

Barnes & Noble



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