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Penelope's Way1by Blanche Howard


In this rich, luminous novel, we come to know the life, loves, times and obsessions of Penelope Stevens, as it unfolds in monthly installments the year she turns 70.

As she tries to make sense of her own life, her marriage, and her place in time and in the universe, her adult children, Brenda and Gordon come to need her at their time of crisis. Her former lover, George, dies during one of the monthly potluck dinners. Penny can barely remember the passion but the guilt lingers on.

Does Penny decode the meaning of life? Blanche Howard (author of A Celibate Season with Carol Shields) tells an uplifting story, buoyant with hope and love.


“This book is a great read: a compact narrative with a wide-ranging story and metamagical themes that allow small incursions of another world into this one… Penelope’s Way moves along at quite a clip with its layered stories and curious characters; although it was most satisfying, I found it ended far too soon. So I’ll read it again. Soon.”

Globe & Mail

“This novel spirals in a beautiful whirl of both cosmic and earthly concerns. A whole world held up to the light – love, lust, family, friendship, Time, Chaos, potluck dinners – all the good stuff is here.”

Eliza Clark

“Howard – late bloomer though she may be – is clearly someone to watch.”

The Vancouver Sun

“Her search for the meaning of life is destined to fail, but Penelope, and the reader, find a satisfying middle ground where contentment is possible.”

Quill & Quire

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