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Death Spiral coverBy James W. Nichol

This complex, multi-layered thriller opens with a glorious hero’s welcome for the wounded Wilf McLauchlin, a celebrated WWII Spitfire fighter pilot. While working in his father’s law office until he can resume his legal studies, Wilf is confronted with a series of bizarre murders in his usually placid hometown. In his efforts to solve the crimes, Wilf  fears he somehow is causing them. To piece together his traumatic life-altering experiences, he must delve into a missing period erased from his memory when he was shot down over Germany in the final days of the war. Death Spiral was nominated for the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award  and shortlisted for the Evergreen Award from the Ontario Library Association.

Praise for Death Spiral:

“Nichol displays a provocative talent for writing that gets under your skin in his most recent novel, Transgression. Death Spiral deepens this rich capacity with stylish and edgy writing to give us a confrontational piece of addictive fiction.”
 – Hamilton Spectator

“Nichol has served up a fast-paced yet nuanced story that explores the cost of war on those who fight it, and demonstrates that the postwar home front was not without its own terrors.” – 
Sherbrooke Record

“…[an] unforgettable story.” – 
Chronicle Herald

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Death Spiral is available for purchase from the following vendors:

In Canada:




Death Spiral is also available as a paperback in Canada. Find it in a local bookstore near you. 



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