Outside Chance of Max GlickBy Morley Torgov

Maximilian Glick is a thirteen-year-old only child smothered by the doting affections of his overprotective parents. He’s eager to leave the small, northern Ontario town of Steelton for the lure of New York and the promise of a career in music. When his elders object, urging Max to pursue a career in medicine, law or science, Max enlists the help of three formidable but flawed mentors: Rabbi Kaminsky, a wise but embittered leader who has tragically disowned his daughters; Rabbi Teitelman, a fiery holy man with a secret desire to be a stand-up comic; and Derek Blackthorn, a music teacher rumoured to be a spy. Here’s a warm, funny and unforgettable portrait of a boy who is poised on the brink of adulthood and about to take the biggest risk of his life.

Praise for The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick:

“The book is delightfully humorous, a treasure trove of gently satirical insights into cultural stereotyping and human foibles. The only disappointment is that the novel ends all too quickly.” – CM Magazine

“Morley Torgov is a brilliant writer — ironic, sad, funny; his stories come out of that powerful mixture of ancient Jewish tradition and New World experience that has produced some of this century’s best literature.” – Stephen Vizinczey

“A beautiful book – very subtle and poetic – and very humorous. I had great fun reading it” – Antonine Maillet

“Torgov directs a relentless beam of light on prejudice of all sorts and some readers may squirm a little… But unlike Philip Roth and Mordecai Richler who have satirized Jewish life with sharp, sometimes vengeful strokes, Torgov’s touch is gentle.” – Quill & Quire

“His craftsmanship and deep feeling for both the antic and serious sides of comedy easily transcend the form and carry it off in the direction of fable…A delightful book for all ages.” – Books in Canada

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The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick was made into a feature film in 1988 in association with the National Film Board of Canada. It won the Toronto-City Award for Best Canadian Film at the Toronto International Film Festival and starred Saul Rubinek (Wall Street, Fraiser, Unforgiven), Aaron Schwartz (The Mighty Ducks, Heavyweights), Jan Rubes (Witness), and young Noam Zylberman as Max Glick. A television series, Max Glick, was later adapted from the book and picked up from where the movie ended. The series ran for one season from 1990 – 1992.  Check out the film here:

Some trivia: Saul Rubinek who plays Rabbi Teitelman in Maximilian Glick also stars as the lead Benny Cooperman in TV movies The Suicide Murders and Murder Sees Light based on the novels by Howard Engel.

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