Hamilton-Moai Murders-Finalby Lyn Hamilton

How many people put a visit to remote and mysterious Easter Island on their life to-do list? Lara McClintoch and her best friend Moira share a yearning to hug one of those famous giant carved heads. But when they get to the island, someone is bumping off members of a strange congress gathered to study local culture. Who has murder on their bucket list? Lara must figure out what the victims have in common as she races against time to stop the killing.

Praise for The Moai Murders:

“Vivid descriptions of the terrain, as well as details of the history and cultural evolution of Easter Island’s people, enrich this chatty whodunit…  Hamilton…puts a first-class twist on the traditional locked-room mystery.”     —Publishers Weekly

“Hamilton makes maximum use of her setting with superb research and lots of local colour. This book is a lot of fun, and should make a great companion for the beach or the pool.” —Globe and Mail

“There’s also the pleasure of  spending time with smart, independent, funny Lara who, always keen to travel, is a reliably entertaining instructor in far-flung histories and geographies – useful for the real traveler and perfect for the armchair sort.”  —London Free Press

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